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Best Times: November - March.

The Grenada base is where we keep our yacht Peaches and we absolutely love Grenada and its' people. Grenada is one of the largest islands in the Windward chain and has incredible spots to visit on land and while sailing. Diving options, consistent trade winds, and locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables abound.

Oh, and don't forget the world famous cocoa that is grown here and our personal favorite the cinnamon!!

British Virgin Islands

Best Times: December - May.

The BVI is world famous for its sailing grounds with some of the best snorkeling spots you will ever find. This sailing destination has everything for everyone - party spots, relaxing beach bars, the Baths, the famous Willy T, and even great spots for kids like ​the Caves on Norman Island.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Best Times: November - March.

The island nation of St Vincent & the Grenadines is comprised of over 32 islands of unparalleled beauty – from rich, mountainous rain forest to palm fringed beaches and huge coral reefs. St Vincent itself retains a large element of wildness due to its steep and hard to access interior, topped out by a 3,000ft cloud shrouded volcano.

Our favorite spot here is the marine park in the Tobago Cays where a well protected snorkeling spot provides opportunities to swim with sea turtles, see starfish, stingrays, and tropical fish.

Don't forget to track down Mr. Quality for a local T-shirt and have a beach barbecue with Romeo!!

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