S/V Peaches

Sailing Vessel Peaches is a beautiful 2018 Lagoon 380-2 with four cabins and two heads, and a story...


Bradley Voyages would be honored to book a bareboat trip aboard our personal yacht, Peaches.


You might be wondering where her name originates, and I am happy to tell you a little story of a crew sailing the Grenadines back in 2014.  It was Sue and myself along with a group of close friends, sailing and snorkeling our way through the islands.  We were having such a great time, someone mentioned a code word.  You know, that code word you leave with the people back home, that, when given says:  "sell everything and send the money to the islands, we're not coming home!"


Well, for us, Peaches was that code word.  We have thought of issuing it many times and we have worked many years to get here - now, we have purchased this boat and christened her with our code word.

So, what is your code word?


Peaches at anchor outside St. Georges harbor, photo Copyright 2018 Sue Rydquist

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